Terms and Conditions


The agreement entered into by Vortex pest management and the customer can only be amended with the agreement in writing of both parties. The amendment can also be applied and agreed via email.
The agreement is governed by all the relevant Sate and Territory laws and acts regarding the proviso of customer service an services.

2. Services:

Vortex pest management ABN 83727654950 trading as Vortex Pest Control will supply services as agreed with the customer at the time of consultation (domestic clients only) the areas of treatment as agreed and in consultation with the pest technician and the pest described. Fees (include GST) in relation to the prescribed pest and location as previously outlined. All furniture and equipment owned by the customer is excluded unless specifically agreed as part of a treatment or inspection. Any other areas or pests will require additional and separate inspection and proposal.

3. Acceptance:

Generally the customer accepts these terms by allowing the VPT (vortex pest technician) access to premises and performance of the service.

4.Fees and Payment:

All fees are payable on the day of service delivery unless with prior arrangement with Vortex pest management in writing. VPT will provide the customer with a tax invoice upon payment on the date of service. If payment is made via credit card-Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS, there are no associated fees for this transaction. Vortex pest management do not accept American express.

5. Late payment and debt collection:

For payment of late fees an additional 2% fee on the total invoice,will be applied to the invoice. ALL NON PAYMENTS FOR SERVIVES RENDERED will be perused via VACT and the customer will be perused for all costs relating to the lodgement of such claims.

6. Treatment Effectiveness:

The VPT will provide the service in accordance with all Vortex pest management policies and procedures relating to the discharge of a professional service. Effectiveness of treatments and ongoing effectiveness of treatments is subject to the customers compliance following recommendations such as hygiene standards, maintenance of property and other unpredictable occurrences such as weather conditions. The customer also acknowledges that treatments affecting or breaking of barriers such as building alterations or renovations have the potential to introduce untreated materials to the treated property or premises.

7. Pest Inspection and Treatment:

VPT ‘s undertaking inspections in accordance with vortex pest policies, will be based on and limited to areas or sections of the property or premises that were fully accessible and visible on the day of inspection. The customer acknowledges that certain furniture, fittings and equipment may render a full visual inspection impossible and conceal pest activity in these locations. Therefore any treatment provided will only be in accordance with areas agreed with the VPT.

8. Advice and Recommendations:

VPT will provide a written (emailed) report to the customer post treatment and also any further recommendations to minimise future infestations and /or manage the environment which would be optimal habitat for the pest concerned. Typical recommendations include changing hygiene practices, storage of items such as food and general maintenance of specified areas.

9. Access and Safety:

In order for the VPT to render services as required the customer will allow access to power, water as would be reasonable for the completion of the service. The customer also agrees to ensure that the VPT and any other staff providing a service on behalf of Vortex pest management, will be able to do so in an environment that is safe free from hazards and risks. This does not exclude any responsibility that the VPT would be expected to take regarding their own assessment of personal safety and risk. The customer however must advice prior to the commencement of any works, the VPT and in accordance with the Health and Safety act of any safety risks obvious or hidden including the presence of asbestos.

10. Customer Compliance:

It is an expectation that the customer comply and follow all advice given by the VPT regarding such matters as how long a premises must be vacated once treatment has been applied, handling of any equipment such as bait boxes/stations and access to treated areas, where poisons may have been deployed, by animals, pets and children. The customer acknowledges that non-compliance with these recommendations may have serious implications for health and safety.

11. Damage to utilities:

The customer acknowledges that the VPT may be required to drill or cut into materials such as concrete slabs in order to provide the service. It is the customers responsibility to inform the VPT regarding location of utilities such as gas pipes, electrical and telephone cabling, water and drainage, the customer can call ‘Dial before you dig 1100.COM.AU if unsure regarding their property. The customer will be liable should any damage occur as a result of the VPT having not been informed regarding the above fore mentioned, whilst penetrating ground or other surfaces during the completion of treatments, unless it is proven that the VPT acted in a negligent manner.

12. Reporting and Indemnity:

Post treatment the VPT will provide (via email) a full report regarding services and recommendations. This report is for the benefit of the named customer only. This report must not be tampered with or altered in order to make an appearance that the services were rendered to a different property. Any interference with a report in such a manner will mean it is no longer valid. The customer will identify Vortex pest management or any of its staff against actions including claims , court proceedings, actions or legal costs, by any third party, other than the named customer on the report. The only exception being if a VPT or vortex pest management cause damage or loss intentionally.


Vortex pest management may provide a warranty and in accordance with all other information as describe within this document, for services where a warranty is given in accordance with government regulation. This warranty is dependent on the customer following conditions and advice and circumstances where breaching of recommendations is concluded, would render any such warranty void.

14.Follow up and Guarantees:

The customer acknowledges that all follow up treatments and services are subject to charge as per standard schedule of fees, unless due to prior agreement with the VPT. All work performed by a qualified VPT is guaranteed, provided the customer complies and follows all advice and recommendations. Exceptions apply depending on individual requirements and the VPT assessment of all factors and situations for which Vortex pest management could not be held responsible ie a customer refusal to block an entry point where a possum could re-enter the property again post treatment.

15. Cancellations and Appointment changes:

The VPT will not cancel an appointment without contacting the customer and the customer acknowledges that occasionally circumstances beyond the control of the VPT such as adverse weather, road traffic accidents and road closures may result in either a delay or cancellation of the appointment. The VPT will take every action to reschedule at a time that is convenient for both parties. All cancellations made by the customer within 72 hours of the scheduled appointment will incur an administration fee of $120. All missed appointments (where the VPT has attended the premises) will be charged the loss of time and travel expenses fee of $180.


All complaints must be submitted in writing or via email to admin@vortexps.com.au and we will address concerns usually within 48 hours (except during weekends or public holidays where a delay may occur), unless it is deemed to be of a serious nature, in which case contact will be made to the customer once the correspondence has been received.

17. Force Majeure:

Vortex pest management are not responsible for obligations under agreements with customers where there is a failure indirectly or directly and as a result of causes beyond its control

18. Bribery: Vortex and the customer agree:

a) that they will not (or anyone third part acting on their behalf) give, offer or accept any advantage financial or otherwise when entering into this agreement in order to deceive or obtain some advantage
b)that both parties will comply with all laws and regulation regarding corruption and bribery. If any party undertakes any such action this will terminate this agreement and any guarantees or responsibilities.

19.Commercial Customers:

Liability: To the extent as permitted by law-Vortex pest management are not liable for any loss including loss of business, loss of profits, loss of revenue , loss of equipment or for any costs incurred and that are a result of direct or indirect consequences arising from this agreement or from the delivery of services.